Eric Bay

1112 Narbonne Place, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Email: GeauxOU@gmail.com

My vision for Dauphin Island is to keep the quaint family-oriented community it has been for as long as I can remember. My mission is to preserve the rich history that makes this island special and ensure that the iconic Isle Dauphine complex is maintained as the historical landmark that it is. Property values are important to us all and this site, managed properly, will benefit each and every one of us.
Growing up in Selma my family had a sailboat and most weekends we would sail around the beaches of Dauphin Island. The anchorage in front of the Isle Dauphine was one of our favorite hangout spots. The calm surf and quiet beach are some of the things that made me want to call this island home. Luckily for me I married an exceptional woman (Rebecca) whose family has been residents of South Mobile for decades, owning island property prior to Hurricane Frederick. Eventually we decided that the hustle and bustle of city life in Baton Rouge was too much for us and made Dauphin Island our home. Raising our daughter (Perry) in this community has been nothing short of amazing thanks to its residents. She is a second grader at Dauphin Island Elementary.
I am employed by an environmental engineering firm out of Baton Rouge and for the last ten years my primary client has been the USEPA for whom I serve as an Emergency Response contractor. My job has allowed me to travel to many different places and see many different things (as I write this I am in Saipan helping to restore the island after the Super Typhoon Yutu). My experience has given me a unique insight in how to make our island a more extraordinary place for everyone.
Thank you for your consideration.

Richard Brewer

203 Lacoste Ct., Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Email: richard.brewer.pe@gmail.com

Dauphin Island was my 35th move, so I know what makes the island special. After weathering a few hurricanes, a massive oil spill, and other events, I still cannot think of a better place to live. The island has been my home since 2001.
I moved here to finish a degree in civil engineering from University of South Alabama. I have been a practicing professional engineer since 2009. My career has ranged from civil works projects, such as roads, parks, and flood studies, to industrial structural design and project management.
Many islanders and frequent visitors call me “The Sea Turtle Guy” because of my volunteer work with Share The Beach (Alabama’s sea turtle nesting program) and the Alabama Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network. I often volunteer with other local projects and organizations, but I am very passionate about my involvement with the sea turtle programs, and I am currently organizing the Third Annual Dauphin Island Bicycle Poker Run to benefit Share The Beach.
As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of growth and planning, but I only support island development that is consistent with the planners’ original vision when the DIPOA was formed in 1953. Those visions and intentions are exactly why Dauphin Island has remained such a unique place, and why I have proudly served on the DIPOA Architectural Committee since 2016.
I enjoy everything that my island home offers—fishing, kayaking, swimming, diving, walking the beach, and attending local events. If elected, I will do my very best to balance the interests of my island neighbors as well as the interests of other property owners. My goal is to preserve the all of the island qualities that I discovered the first time I crossed the bridge.

Victoria Helm

509 Ft Stoddard, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Email: pete_bob_love@yahoo.com

My long term vision for the DIPOA is for it to remain solvent, for the property to remain at the disposal and use of the membership per the Constitution, and to enhance and preserve the environment and integrity of the POA property. My focus would be dues collection, public relations and Constitutional review. Because I fear for our property and think there are those on the current board who would dispose of it, I am running to try and prevent any commercial development of the property. In order to vote to preserve and maintain the property, should disposal ever become a motion before the board, we must have people seated who will vote against any such motion. I would also like to see the Isle Dauphine (country club) property restored to membership, for members to use. My short term goal is to get elected.
I first came to Dauphin Island as a young child. When we moved to Mobile, I was down here often and graduated from High School at Semmes. Twelve years ago I was afforded the opportunity to build my home and move here. My home will be enjoyed by my family at some point, and keeping this island modestly developed, with a small-town atmosphere, and no stop light, is important to me.
I have a degree in Secondary Education from Ouachita Baptist University. I taught school for 7 years. I retired from Xpress Boats in Hot Springs AR, where I did anything and everything, except build the boats. I have experience in receivables, payables, service, inventory control, and payroll. More importantly, until the past year, I have regularly attended the POA meetings, and have been a vocal participant in those meetings, asking questions, and seeking information that is vital to understand the workings of the association, and I worked as secretary to the DIPOA for 3 years.

Barry Zetsch

1325 Chaumont Ave, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Email: ccnutt@centurylink.net

My goals for the POA are to (1) establish an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between the Board of Directors and Members, by being totally transparent, having a genuine interest in the concerns of property owners, and acting in the best interests of Dauphin Islanders; (2) make the Isle Dauphine property accessible to POA members, as intended. I believe that the property owners have the physical, technical, and financial resources to make the Isle Dauphine self-sustaining and available for use by the owners; and (3) increase property owner participation in the POA. I envision periodic Board sponsored events, that encourage social interaction and generate interest in POA issues. Activities such as Pot Lucks for example, cost little to host and would generate interest and increase participation. With a few dollars, a little effort and some creativity, such events could be a lot of fun and be a viable fund-raiser for the POA.
I moved to Dauphin Island in July of 2009 with my wife, Janie Delchamps Zetsch, a Mobile native and island property owner since 1988. I have been a volunteer at the Dauphin Island Heritage and Arts Council (DIHAC) since its inception. I have participated in numerous fund raising events to benefit the local community. I am the University of New Orleans' Citizen Scientist Program's lead volunteer, scheduling and overseeing the collection of data for the purpose of shoreline monitoring and oil spill planning.

I am a retired Air Force Officer with a Master's Degree in Educational Administration and a total of 39 years of federal service. My experience ranges from Radar Operations and Maintenance Instructor to multi-million dollar defense contract Program Manager. Additionally, I have served on the Highland Shores Homeowner's Association Board of Directors for the last four years.