The next Board of Directors meeting of the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association will be held on:

Thursday April 16, 2020
6:00 PM
Ground Floor Isle Dauphin Clubhouse

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Earle Walkley

2610 Bridgeview Drive


My vision for the Island/DIPOA is to preserve its properties, and maintain the family friendly atmosphere, while increasing their use and potential. As a current member of the Board of Directors, I would like to continue our work towards repairing and restoring our Isle Dauphine Complex for the benefit of our membership. I am confident that we can make our DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH shine brightly again. I am working on the Isle Dauphine Infrastructure Committee, Isle Dauphine Beach Committee, and I also chair the Architectural Committee. I volunteer for any and all needs around the complex, and am a firm believer in giving 100 % to anything I am involved in. We have already made progress by getting a fulltime restaurant in the Clubhouse while continuing to maintain the grill open as well. We have made needed repairs to pumps for the Golf Course, and currently making major repairs at the pool. We are also working on Property Owner Park improvements.

Some of my earliest memories are of times spent with my family on Dauphin Island. My father had relatives on the island. We spent many a day fishing from the bridge or in the surf. My wife and I have always felt a strong connection to the island, and were able to purchase property here in 2010. I also volunteer time to DIHAC where my wife is a board member.

I retired from Chevron Pascagoula after 27 years of service. While there I was a member of the original LIFE Safety Steering committee. I was in charge of the annual Wharf Hydro-testing program, to satisfy USCG regulations. I also served on the Wildlife Rehabilitation Team, Pascagoula Oil Spill Response Team, and World Wide Response Team. I attended the University of Alabama, where I studied Marine Biology and Oceanography.


Domenic Carlucci

2339 Bienville Blvd

Dauphin Island offers homeowners and visitors the experience of a slower lifestyle which many people covet in today’s world. Preserving that pace of life while helping homeowners adapt to the pressure of development can be a difficult task. The DIPOA and the Board can play an important (but limited) part in determining the future of Dauphin Island. Proper maintenance and controlled development (if any) of the DIPOA properties provides a true benefit to the entire island’s population. We need to maintain the interests of the homeowners while coordinating our efforts with other organizations on the island.

My wife Wendi and I purchased our home in Sept 2013 and usually spend approximately 6 months per year on the island. We have 5 children and 10 grandchildren that truly enjoy their time on Dauphin Island. I have previously served on the DIPOA Board as a Director, Vice-President and President. I have participated in many volunteer projects on the island (building the boardwalk to the DIPOA beach, building the fencing near the entrance to the golf course / tennis courts, working at the Sea Lab butterfly gardens etc.) and will continue to do so in the future.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and served as a Naval Aviator for 13 years and as a Captain for American Airlines for 33 years.


Richard Brewer
203 Lacoste Ct.
Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Dauphin Island was my 35th move, so I know what makes the island special. After weathering a few hurricanes, a massive oil spill, and other events, I still cannot think of a better place to live. The island has been my home since 2001.

I moved here to finish a degree in civil engineering from University of South Alabama. I have been a practicing professional engineer since 2009. My career has ranged from civil works projects, such as roads, parks, and flood studies, to industrial structural design and project management.

Many people call me “The Sea Turtle Guy” because of my volunteer work with Share the Beach and the stranding network. I often volunteer with other local projects and organizations, but I am very passionate about my involvement with the sea turtle programs, and I am currently organizing the 4th Annual Dauphin Island Bicycle Poker Run to benefit Share the Beach.

As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of growth and planning, but I only support island development that is consistent with the planners’ original vision when the DIPOA was formed in 1953. Those visions and intentions are exactly why Dauphin Island has remained such a unique place and why I have proudly served on the DIPOA Architectural Committee since 2016.

It has been my pleasure of serving on the board over the past year. Our current board has worked diligently to get the clubhouse opened for our members and to increase property owner awareness. As a member of the swimming pool committee, I have been able to coordinate repairs of the plumbing and wiring and design a new wheelchair access ramp for the pool area.  If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for improvement and access to our properties.   Help us to maintain the momentum we have created.







Gail and I are full time Island residents. We moved from California three years ago with the expectation of enjoying the remainder of our years here. We have become knowledgeable about Dauphin Island, Mobile, and Alabama history. We attend Board and Town Council meetings and have volunteered our time to community organizations and service groups. We enjoy the many cultural and entertainment events the Island and the South have to offer. We consider ourselves Islanders and Alabamians.

After graduating from San Francisco State University, I worked as a geologist in the petroleum, construction and environmental industries.  Later, I practiced criminal law in California for 20 years. I am a member in good standing of the California State Bar. I have the time, energy and commitment to serve on the Board and would be honored to represent you.