The next Board of Directors meeting of the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association will be held on:

Open Board Meeting

Thursday, January 21, 2021 
6:00 pm
Lower Level – Isle Dauphine Club

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Current News

Audubon Park Bulkhead Stabilization (length approximately 260 linear feet)

The intent of this project is to install a Filter Fabric behind the existing concrete bulkhead to prevent soil from leaching through the bulkhead and to provide an 8 ft wide Aggregate surfaced walkway behind the bulkhead generally flush with the top of the bulkhead.

Scope of Work

Excavate behind the bulkhead down to the mudline on the outside of the wall (estimated depth +/- 6 feet).  See Hand Excavation Note, below.

Provide and place a 8 oz Non-Woven Filter Fabric behind the bulkhead (Mirafi 140N, or equal).

Backfill the excavation with the same material that was removed.

Provide, place and compact approximately 20 CY of clean sand (max 15% Fines, passing a #200 Sieve) to fill the present voids behind the bulkhead.

Provide and place a 6 oz. Woven Filter Fabric over an area approximately 8 ft wide x 260 ft long behind the bulkhead (Mirafi RS280i, or equal).

Provide, place and compact approx. 3″ layer of #57 aggregate over the 8′ x 260′ area behind the bulkhead (#357, if available).

*Hand Excavation Note:  Contractor to take precautions to not disturb the concrete bulkhead in any way with any mechanical equipment.  Any excavation made in direct contact with the concrete wall itself shall be by Hand Tools only.

**General Note:  Contractor shall make every effort possible to not disturb any more of the grass in Audubon Park than necessary.  Contractor shall utilize only one point of entry from the paved roadway to the area of work behind the bulkhead for all mechanical equipment and deliveries.


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